Exclusive Live Transfers

We can help your agency grow- we understand the concept that more quotes lead to more sales.

Our agents filter out prospects that do not meet your qualifications so you get more sellable leads.

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Learn why we are #1 in the industry

The agencies we work with receive the best customer service in the industry. Our Refund Policies are tailored to ensure you get what you pay for. Everyone in our team is bilingual so we can provide transfers in English and Spanish. No contracts- we believe doing the right thing will keep you as a customer for a long period of time.

We call the prospects
You receive the information
Our agents do a warm introduction while transferring over the prospect

Our team builds a rapport with every prospect we dial. You can add or remove individual agents from your campaign to personalize your preferences.

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Multiple Pricing options- you can set your own marketing budget

Live transfers starting at $30 a transfer

Or lease one of our top agents to dial your own lists- unlimited amount of calls, unlimited amount of transfers- $400 a week per agent.

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All leads we send are exclusive to your agency.

Tired of competing with several agents for the same lead. Our leads are only sent to your agency so you can quote and close. Don't pay for leads that three other agents are paying for.

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We only purchase leads that are scrubbed against the National Do Not Call List.

You can submit your own leads for us to dial to keep your sales people selling. We can send all of our lists to you before we dial them so you can scrub them against your own agencies internal DNC lists to filter out current customers and also remain compliant with your insurer.

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We work with your lead management technology.

Every agent receives access to use our lead management software- and we can integrate to send your leads to your own lead management system.

We also send you an email with prospects information during the transfer process so there are no missed leads.

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Compliance Policies


We have been generating leads for over 5 years- we know the rules. We double scrub our data every thirty days. We call prospects and place them on our internal DNC list if they are not interested in receiving calls even if they are not on a National/State DNC list. We can add your entire DNC list to our system to prevent unnecessary issues. We call the prospects- we take responsibility.

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